You wouldn’t think Madonna would be the type to fret about keeping herself all nice and pretty for hubby – especially when she doesn’t like the way it makes her look.

But it sounds like the Material Girl is not quite as independent and free-spirited as she might seem, at least not when it comes to her style.

Madonna, who’s on the road with her Sticky and Sweet tour right now, told Fox News that she’s dying to hack off her shoulder-length blonde locks, but keeps them to make Guy Ritchie, her husband of nearly eight years, happy.

"I want to have shorter hair," she told Foxs Neil Sean, "but I have a husband that loves the long-haired look and well that is just one of the things I do for him."

Could it be that turning 50 has mellowed Madonna, or is she just trying to show how dedicated she is to Guy, amid the rumors that their marriage is on the rocks?

Either way, this doesn’t sound like the Madge we know and love!

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