Madonna and her daughter Lola (Lourdes Leon) are in search of the next material girl, and to promote their quest the mother-daughter duo created a humorous online video.

In the clip, Madonna laments about being burdened by the title of the original "Material Girl" in the ironic clip.

"When I started off and people called me the 'Material Girl,' it was meant to be ironic. Not to be meant to be taken seriously. I can't live that name down now," Madonna complains in the four-minute spoof-like video. "People think I am a superficial person. And I am not. I love horses. I love flowers. I don't love hydrangeas. I love nature. Trees. Animals. I don't love all animals."

Throughout the clip the duo go back and forth as they discuss the modeling competition.

It's easy to tell these two have a fun, yet close, relationship.

Madonna even jokes around, accusing her daughter of being a "looksist" and an "ageist."
So what is the contest all about?

Macy's has announced the Material Girl "Lucky Stars" Model Search, where a celebrity panel of judges headed by Kelly Osbourne will host a search across the country for fresh faces to represent the brand's Spring 2012 campaign, Radar Online reports.

The 10 finalists with the highest votes will be flown out to NYC and then Madonna and Lola will choose the winner, who will receive a $5,000 prize. 

Catch the video, via YouTube, below!

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