Extra was at the premiere of Guy Ritchie’s new flick Revolver, also at the premiere was the director’s pop star wife Madonna who found it hard to let her hubby have the spotlight.

When AJ Calloway asked Guy what his movie’s title meant, Madonna couldn’t help but answer the question for him. "It’s a revolving door of your ego, she said but quickly added, "Sorry, I’ll shut up now."

While Guy found it difficult to get a word in edgewise, Madonna explained that there’s a possibility there could be more kids in the Madonna-Ritchie household. "Maybe. You never know." And goes on to say that her children want a movie that’s less maturely themed.

"My kids want to go to one of his movies. Rocco complained that you don’t make movies that kids can watch."

And what do they have in store for the holidays? "We’re going far, far away."

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