When you think of a fit celebrity, there is no more impressive hard body than Madonna. The Material Girl takes extremely good care of her body, and she encourages other people to do the same. In fact, she has a fitness club chain called Hard Candy Fitness, and she just opened the latest gym in Toronto!

Madonna’s personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer explains the Hard Candy Fitness method.


The Toronto location is Hard Candy’s first spot in North America, due to Madonna’s love of the Canadian city. The gym is an enormous 42,000 square feet and features classes all designed by Madonna. Yes, the class schedule is based on her own favorite workouts—so you can imagine you might be sweating just a bit!

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The prospect of a fitness class worthy of Madonna may be terrifying, but if you’re a fan of the pop icon, it will be easy to stay motivated. There are pics of Madge all over the walls, and her music is constantly played around the space. C’mon, Vogue!

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