Madonna proves she can still move the masses when she arrives at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her Mulawi documentary I Am Because We Are. A hush falls over photographers – a roomful of shhhs – just before Her Madjesty arrives, and dozens of reporters flock to the camera crews each time she makes a momentary pitstop.

A gaggle of journalists bank on her stopping for the tweens from Scholastic Kids, and she does.

What did the flawless-looking superstar, 49, learn in filming this project?

“I’ve learned that my complaints are silly and ridiculous in comparison to most people’s, and going to Africa has really put things into perspective for me on that level,” Madonna says. “I’ve learned to appreciate and have much more gratitude for what I have.”

Luckily, Rosie O’Donnell schooled the youngsters in interviewing techniques before Madonna arrived.

“When you ask a question, you have to move back,” she tells them. “How is Madonna helping Malawi? Well, first by just getting us aware of what’s going on in all different nations, and realizing the things that unite us are greater than the things that divide us. That all people have basic rights – to shelter, to earth, to housing, and to the pursuit of happiness. If we can provide that for each other, that would be a wonderful thing.”

Bernadette Peters and Donna Karan make their way into the theater.

“I love Madonna, and whatever cause she supports,” Scarlet star Natassia Malthe tells me. “She’s very intelligent and whatever cause she supports is interesting and important.”


Where’s hubby Guy Ritchie on her big night? At home with the kids.


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