Uh oh! It sounds like Marc Anthony is going to be one of those sports dads!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc’s twins, Emme and Max, have only just had their first birthday, and Marc is already assuring OK! that “there is no question that my son Max is going to be a linebacker of some sort!”

After announcing today that he has just become a partner in the Miami Dolphins, the actor and singer told us that he has high hopes for his boy on the football field.

“I think the twins — well Max anyway — has a good shot, actually,” he said proudly.

But he did admit that the freshly-inked deal could cause some tension between him and  a certain Mr. Lopez.

“I still have talk to my father in law, who’s a huge Jets fan,” Marc told us with a little trepidation. “I still have to have that meeting.”

At a press conference at the Time Warner Center, Marc brought Jennifer with him as a surprise guest to help him celebrate the new deal, saying: “My wife is celebrating her birthday this week, and I want to bring her on-stage and present her with her own jersey.”

“Jen couldn’t be more excited,” he added, after handing her the personalized top.

We just wonder if Marc will be able to stop himself from pulling a few string to get Max a place in the Dolphins line up sometime around the year 2030.

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