Marcia Gay Harden and hubby Thaddeus Scheel have been living in wedded bliss for eleven years. What’s their secret?’Communication because it’s going to go up and down,’ Marcia, 47, told OK! at the NYC premiere for ‘The Hoax’ on April 1. ‘Renew your visions. If you don’t communicate, it’s like the princess and the pea. That pea gets mighty uncomfortable and you can’t ultimately be at peace.’Thaddeus agrees. ‘We lay it out there, whatever’s going on, and wade through it.”Usually the girl says ëgood communication’ and the guy says ëhot sex,” Marcia adds. ‘It doesn’t hurt. I read something that said a girl denying her husband sex because she’s too tired or doesn’t feel like it — is the same as not letting her talk for the same amount of time. If you don’t have sex for two weeks, to him, it feels the same as it would to her if you didn’t talk for two weeks.’ ‘You owe me a lot of sex,’ her husband pipes up.The parents to Eulala, 8, and twins Julitta and Hudson, almost 3, admit it’s challenging balancing career and family. ‘You take on as much as you can, and you just do it,’ Marcia says. -Valerie Nome

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