Maria Menounos was once forty pounds heavier than she is today, but the newsgirl/actress didn’t let the extra weight get her down because she figured it was part of the college experience.

“I honestly didn’t feel bad when I had gained the weight because my weight gain was in the best places you would want it – here (chest) and here (buttocks),” the Emerson College alum, 30, who worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, tells me. “I still had a flat stomach.  Yeah, I was disappointed at different times when I tried clothes on and they didn’t fit, but I was in college. I didn’t really care too much. Everybody else around me had a bigger problem.”

She adds, “When I lost the weight, I was happy and proud of myself because I knew it was a big accomplishment to lose that much weight. And I knew I wanted to be in this business and it wasn’t healthy. My dad is diabetic, and I knew it was something I was prone to. It was a real big decision on my part to take it down a notch and make sure I stayed as healthy as I could.”

These days, when she indulges a little too much with big dinners and irresistible desserts during carefree vacations, Maria sticks to a plan for keeping trim.

“I think we all obsess so much, and you’re going to deprive yourself? For what? You’re supposed to enjoy yourself. The week after, just take it easy. Eat some fresh salads and fresh fruit. Replenish yourself with good, healthy alternatives for a week afterward and you’ll be fine. Take a long walk after dinner. Do something like that. I never stress about it.”

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