Mariah Carey lets her facial expressions do the talking during the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her drama Tennessee.

As the whirlwind that is Mariah slides through, reporters shout out their questions. What does she look for in a man? “Who says I’m looking?” she responds. Well then, is she taken? She smiles, turns and makes a “wouldn’t you like to know” face. What about Nick Cannon? There’s that look – again.

Days later she married the actor!


To take the spotlight off the engagement ring, Mariah is showing off her other hand bandaged with a pink Hello Kitty band-aid to cover up a bite her dog Jack gave her. “People keep shaking my hand really hard, like ‘hi’ and I’m like ‘get off my freaking dog bite!’” she says. “So anyways, if I’m wearing a band-aid, I thought it might as well be a cute one. Everyone’s making it a whole dramatic moment about the band-aid. Golly. Really! It’s a band-aid.”

Executive producer Sarah Siegel Magness tells me, “Jack is very important to her. She’s very loving with him. If you don’t have kids, animals are extra important to you.”

Anything we don’t know about Mariah?

“She is an incredibly intelligent human being,” she tells me. “E=MC2, which is the name of her album, makes sense. She’s such a strong business woman.”

Let’s hope Tennessee puts Glitter to shame.


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