It sounds like there’s a very good chance Marie Osmond will grace our televisions again. After reports surfaced that she and bro Donny are in talks to take on the small-screen once again, the entertainer tells her son Steve in a one-on-one interview on Extra that she’s mulling a return to the boob tube, among other things.

“There’s some television offers,” she tells Steve. “There are some things with your uncle in Vegas, some Broadway offers. There’s a bunch of things. I thought I’d just take a little breath for five seconds.

Steve, 24, is Marie’s son from her first marriage to Stephen Craig. Her second marriage to Brian Blosil, which produced eight children, adopted and biological, ended in the spring after a 20-year marriage when Marie filed for divorce. As reluctant as she was to admit the demise of her union, the 48-year-old knew it was the right thing to do.

"I dont believe divorce is the solution for an unhappy marriage, but I do think sometimes its the answer,” she says. “When asked questions like, Am I being the best person I can be? Am I being the best mother I can be? And in those situations, I think its the right choice if that answers your question."

Nowadays, the Dancing With the Stars third-place finisher chooses to focus on the positive and doing things that make her happy, which doesn’t stray far from home.

"Id love to sing opera. I love theater, but truly, when you get to a certain place in your life, the joy comes from watching your kids."

For more on Marie, tune in to Extra tonight!

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