Singer and actress Marie Osmond, who stunned fans with her sexy performance on this week’s Dancing With the Stars, couldn’t be happier that she’s continuing to lose weight.

The 47-year-old beauty started a Nutrisystem diet a few weeks before the show began and since has lost even more weight from the constant dancing. And after weeks of avoiding it, Marie confided to OK! that she’s finally been brave enough to step on the scale.

“I’ve lost about 20 pounds!” Marie hollered after the Oct. 2 results show. The change has been so noticeable that Marie said of her saloon girl outfit: “They had to take the costume in last night.”

As she continues to peel off the pounds, Marie told OK! “I feel so much better… life, health and energy levels are good. For women, the number one cause of death is heart disease, and it’s not even size, it’s just activity. My mom died of that so I was a prime candidate, so when this show came along, I thought, ‘Hey, you know what? Personal trainer!’ ” she said, pointing to her professional dance partner, Jonathan Roberts.

By Carole Glines

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