And then there were four.

With Cameron Mathison’s Tuesday night elimination, four
couples advance to the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars and as it has been
proven the past couple weeks, it is anyone’s game at this point. OK! previews
the four duos who will duke it out for the three coveted spots in the Nov. 26

Marie Osmond & Jonathan Roberts

At 48, she’s the most senior contestant left, and it may be easy to write her off. But hold on. If it were up to voters, it will be Marie lifting the trophy in two weeks. Proving to be a darkhorse in the competition, the entertainer has monopolized OK!’s poll, taking more than two-thirds of the vote (OK!’s own DWTS blogger Jennie Garth is in a distant second). With her rabid fan base and oversized clan, you know Marie has massive support on her side, and don’t think she doesn’t appreciate it. The singer tells OK! she’d be nowhere without her fans.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support and strength my fans have
given me through the years especially now more than ever,” Marie tells OK!. “I think I’ll
invite my voters over for Thanksgiving. My family is so big, I’ll make a
few more potatoes and pies.”

Melanie Brown & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Despite a bottom two appearance in week four, Mel and Maks
have proven to be the front-runners after that aberration, running away with the
competition from that week out. For three consecutive weeks, they posted the
highest scores and the second highest last week. They have their work cut out
for them this week though as Mel is slated to perform with the Spice Girls on
Thursday at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and has rehearsals with her
bandmates too for their upcoming tour.

“I have a lot to balance,” Mel tells OK!. “I’ve got my Spice
Girls rehearsals in the morning and then Maks in the evening. One thing is that
not having much time to practice means I don’t have much time to panic and
stress about it. I just have to do it and get it done!”

Helio Castroneves & Julianne Hough

Cameron’s eviction leaves IndyChamp Helio as the last man
standing — literally. “He was my wingman! Now I’m the last guy!” he tells OK!. As
far as the viewers know, Helio and Julianne are one of three couples that has
never been in the bottom two, so that’s good news. Also on his side are relatively
high scores, including the momentum of a perfect 30 last week for one of two
dances, something Helio thought was unattainable at first. But now, it’s a
different story.

“The funny thing is that once we had to start learning two
dances I thought that is impossible,” he tells OK!. “That will be impossible
for me to learn. And now, I’m not only doing it but we got a perfect score
actually! Fun is the biggest key for me to do well and that is what Julianne
is. She’s fun, she’s great, she’s incredible and for me that’s it — it is fun — when I go to practice, when we perform, when I’m standing right here. It is an
awesome experience and we’ll continue to have fun!”

Jennie Garth & Derek Hough

Jennie and Derek are another couple who, as far as we know,
has never been in danger of elimination, but they have been victims of maybe harsh evaluation
from the judges. Criticized for not “dazzling” them with her jive and foxtrot
last week, Jennie plans to bring it in the semis with her two most
well-received routines, she writes in her OK! blog.

“We have decided to go with the tango and the rumba. Derek
picked those because he thinks those are my strongest. There have been one or
two weeks where the judges weren’t completely “dazzled,” so he wants
me to come out and really be able to “dazzle” them!” she writes. “I’ve
got absolutely no strategy for next week other than to work my butt off!”

By Katie Christopher & Joyce Eng

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