As My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams heats up theaters, it's no surprise Marilyn Monroe artifacts rake in big bucks!

One fan bought images, negatives and copyrights from Marilyn's very first photo shoot to the tune of $352,000! Back in the day of course, she was originally known as Norma Jeane Doughtery.
The photos were taken of the 20 year-old blonde bombshell in 1946, as reported by RadarOnline.
Although it's a hefty price to pay, the winner of the auction can sell or distribute the photos which were put on the auction block after a judge told the photographer to sell them to pay his debts. As for other highlights from the A-list auction, Lady Gaga's Born This Way prop gun fetched $7,680 and a 1969 John Lenon drawing of himself and Yoko Ono brought in $90,000.

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