Being Mario isn’t easy because he’s often mistaken for Chris Rock — even though the singer/actor is 21 and the comedian is 42!

“I’ve been on airplanes before and stewardesses will wake me up and be like ‘can I get your autograph before you get off the plane? I’m a really big fan of yours and I loved your show last night,’” Mario tells me. “I’m like ‘I didn’t perform last night.’ And they’ll be like ‘I saw your show on MTV.’ And I’ll be like ‘that wasn’t me.’ ‘Aren’t you Chris Rock?’ ‘No, I’m not Chris Rock.’”

How does he feel about it?

“I guess it’s not too bad,” he tells me. “He’s rich, he’s well-off, but looks-wise? I don’t know.”

Mario‘s album, Go, is in stores today.

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