Looks like there is a new member of the New Moon wolf pack! Mario Lopez’s abs and buff bod fit right in with Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier. The only werewolf missing is Taylor Lautner. Bronson, who is nicknamed “Slater Jr.,” joked with Mario in a sit-down interview with Extra, saying, “When we were casting this thing I thought I was gonna lose my role out to you.”Alex added, “You’re the missing wolf pack member!”

Taylor thinks it is a “definitely a possibility” that Mario could could join the pack, according to Extra. Kristen Stewart was more sure. “You totally could be,” she told the Extra anchor.

“We’ll get you in there,” Chaske promised.

No input from Robert Pattinson. Maybe he’s still feeling his frame is inadequate.

At a New Moon press conference Rob admitted to OK!’s London-based sister mag he felt insecure while on set.

“I hadn’t worked out at all until I saw Taylor at the beginning of the year,” Rob confided. “I felt incredibly inadequate and emasculated.”

Poor R-Pattz. We think he looks just fine.

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