Most actresses subscribe to strict diets or exacting workout regimens to maintain a svelte body in Hollywood – but not Marisa Tomei. What does she do?

"I pray a lot like, ‘Keep me skinny please,’” the actress tells

Admitting she has “cyclical weight problems,” Marisa gets candid about the pressure to remain thin in the demanding Hollywood stratosphere, home to oh-so-many eating disorders.

“I’m concerned with how my body looks and I just find it really hard to watch myself,” she says. “It’s very tough when you’re in different cities and different time zones. Often my schedule during filming just doesn’t give me time to work out.”

It’s even tougher when you sign onto a film with a graphic sex scene. The Oscar winner, who can next be seen in War Inc., won the Mr. Skin Best Nude Scene Award for her romp in last year’s Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead with Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Calling the nudity “appropriate” for the film, the 43-year-old says she just had to go for it when she saw the scene in the script.

“I said to myself, ‘It’s now or never,’” Marisa says. “I admit I felt a little faint before I did it. I don’t think I’d eaten in like two days. The most embarrassing part is having your family watch it.”

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