Mark McGrath, 39 perhaps best known as the lead singer of Sugar Ray, wears many cool and stylish hats. Not only is he starting his third season as co-host on Extra, and his second season as The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, but he is also lending his voice to an animated series, Sprays in the City ( OK! caught up with Mark and talked to the star about his many jobs and what he’d like to do next.Tell us about the webisodes.It is obviously a play on Sex and the City, presented by ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ and Wish-Bone. It follows two women/sprays: Spraychel and Spritzy. Isn’t that funny? And I am their agent Mr. More, a la Ari Gold, Entourage-type thing and I help them make their way through the big city fridge landscape. The animation is really cool.Is it difficult to voice a character?Well, I am not the best actor in the world. I do one role well and that is singing. I have acted like a singer for years! But with [the webisodes] there is another quality to it because you are taking a line from someone who is not there and not real. It is a little bit difficult if you are not comfortable with you own space. It is weird. But once you get into it, by the end of the voice-overs, I was flailing my arms around. That’s funny! So what has been the most challenging career you’ve had?Being Sugar Ray is my passion. Is it my dream job and it still is and that was all me-my dialogue, my style. But working for Extra has been the hardest transition because I had to work on my dialogue and mannerisms. I didn’t know I had a speech impediment. I didn’t know my eyebrows were flying round. I didn’t know what to do with my hands! The good thing about Extra is that they really gave me a long leash to hang myself on. What is your most memorable interview?Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys was my favorite and most difficult at the same time because I love him to death. So what’s next for you?I am sort of happy where I am. I still do a lot of stuff with Sugar Ray. We wrote a song for the Surf’s Up soundtrack. I am going to Singapore and Japan with the band this summer which is great. I feel really blessed.

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