Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath completes OK!’s Last Word interview in the issue on newsstands now.

Psst … this is what you won’t find in print.

Last time someone said ‘whoa, you’re tall…’

We did a meet-and-greet, and some lady said ‘you’re so much taller than you seemed on TV.’ I thought that was interesting. I’m still trying to figure that one out. You know, I’m not real tall. I’m 6’0, 6’½, but I think people think I’m shorter than I am because I’m not the most muscular cat in the world.

Last time you felt jealous?
The last time I felt jealous was when we were in talks to do a reality show for VH1 called Knowing Mark McGrath, which was a working title. It was in the line of Scott Baio’s 45 And Single. My girlfriend, Carin, and I started to explore some areas that were cracks in the foundation, so we’re trying to repair those. Things came up to say the least.

We’ve been in this rock’n’roll relationship for 15 years, I’m at a point right now in my life where I’m 41, she’s 37, and it’s like ‘it’s time to pull the trigger or don’t.’ Either get married or have kids and do everything, and she deserves that. She wants kids, she wants to get married, she’s stuck with me for fifteen years.

I think our foundation might be so cracked because our history and our past has been littered with indiscretions on my part and on her part, so we’ll try to work through those and see if we can get through those to get to the good.

I love her enough, she’s my best friend, and I’m hoping we can, but there’s no guarantees.

Last time you felt angry?
I’m going to try and control that one because once I let the gates open, it’s hard to harness back in. Super angry? Let me see. It’s not coming up immediately. The last time I felt angry, the last time I felt angry …

Last chore or errand you did?
I get treated like a little baby out when I’m on the road, so it’s been awhile, but when I’m at home, I think the last thing I did was picked the dog poop out of the yard. If you want to have a humbling experience – you think you’re cool – go out there with a bag and see what your dog has for you. See what little gifts he gives you in the backyard. That’s always fun. Next time you think you’re cool…

Last time you went swimming?
We were up in North Dakota, and there was a giant watering hole. I’d never really been in one.

It was colder than I thought, but they’re all these tough, native people. They’re like ‘it’s warm.’ It was 62 degrees. I wasn’t prepared for that. And I’m Irish – I need no help in shrinkage. I was like ‘uh oh, we’ve gotta get out of here.’  But I’m from the beach, so I’m used to cold water a little bit, but it was cold, man. It was spiritually refreshing to say the least.

Last time you felt endangered?
Driving on the bus. We have a driver, and he’s amazing. He drives his a** off. We’re sitting there in the bunks, and you start feeling the bus breaking really hard. You just get so panicked, like ‘we’re going to crash,’ and you never do, but you get that little panic like ‘this is it.’ Kind of like when an earthquake starts in L.A. – you’re like ‘is this the big one?’ You feel the bus rolling on the side because you’re turning hard, and you’re like ‘oh my God, are we tipping over?’ I’ve been awoken in my sleep quite a few times just because of the necessities of the road.

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for more from Mark McGrath’s Last Word interview. The cover line is Kourtney’s Body After Baby: My Diet Secrets. And, check out Sugar Ray’s latest album, Music For Cougars.

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