Watch out, Andy Samberg, Mark Wahlberg‘s coming for you!


Over a week after Andy’s "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals" skit aired on Saturday Night Live, the Max Payne actor is still harboring some rather violent feelings toward the comedian over his impersonation of him.


On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mark let it all out in an expletive-laced response to the skit.


"Did you think that was funny?" Jimmy asked, after showing a clip from the bit.


"You now what, when I see that kid, I’m gonna crack that big f—ing nose of his," he said, keeping a straight face and picking at his shirt and tie. "That’s what I’m gonna do, and then I’m gonna tell him, "Say hi to your mother for me."


Come on Mark, tell us how you really feel!


"You now what, I don’t play that s–t," he began, before launching into his full anti-Andy rant. "I think I’m gonna get on a plane tomorrow, I’m gonna to go to New York, I’m gonna to 30 Rock or wherever the f—k they shoot that show – he probably doesn’t have a dressing room so I have to find him in the cafeteria or whatever – and I’m gonna slap him in the big nose. You guys watch, tune in, I guran-f—king-tee you. And then, instead of me forgiving him, I’ll ask him to forgive me."


"That’s just how Jesus would have doe it," joked Jimmy, seeming slightly uncomfortable.


"Exactly," agreed Mark.


Watch Mark get steamed below the color:


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