Mark Wahlberg might love acting, but there’s something he loves even more than doing what he does best — being a father to kids Ella and Michael and the daughter he and his wife are expecting soon. “He’s so in love with the idea of being a dad,” Mark’s brother, Jim Wahlberg told OK! at the GQ Gentlemen’s ball in NYC Wednesday night.

While other stars are out partying, Jim says Mark would rather be with his family.

“I saw him in the newspaper the other day. It was a paparazzi-type picture, and it was him and his son and his daughter at a pumpkin patch buying a pumpkin for Halloween,” says Jim. “Those are the pictures you see of him, you don’t see him coming out of nightclubs. He’s in love with the idea of having a family and raising kids.

So how many kids will Mark and wife Rhea Durham end up with?

“He was talking about having a baseball team,” jokes  Jim.

Reporting by Valerie Nome

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