When it comes to keeping his marriage happy, actor Matthew Modine tells OK! he doesn’t believe in lying — but sometimes the whole truth will get you in trouble too!

The 49-year-old Weeds star has been married to wife Caridad since 1980 – a record in Hollywood years.

“It’s just dumb luck when you find somebody that you get married to and it works because the odds are you’re going to get tired of somebody and you’re going to grow in different directions,” he tells OK! at the April 22 Vanity Fair Tribeca Film Festival party in NYC. “And then sometimes you get lucky and you just fall in love and you continue to go down the same path and grow together.”

One tip? “I think keeping your promises and not lying. That doesn’t mean you have to tell the truth, but don’t lie.”

The couple are parents to son Boman, 22, and 17-year-old daughter Ruby.

By Valerie Nome

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