You’re such a tease, Stella McCartney!

The fashion designer recently told OK! that she and her superstar dad, Sir Paul McCartney, were making a reality show á la, the Osbournes, the Kardashians, the Hogans et cetera.

But, we regret to say, we think she was just joking…

“We’re actually making a reality TV show, me and my dad,” she laughed at a party honoring her commitment to the environment.

“We’re filming it tonight, she added at the Natural Resources Defense Council 11th Annual Forces For Nature benefit, before telling a slightly bemused reporter, “You’re in it.

“I’ve got the [camera] built into my ear, so I’ve got this great angle of your shoes and its going to be a big part of the trailer.”

It sounds like a hit to us? So any networks want to make Stella’s gag a reality?

By Oliver Coleman and Jacob Hentoff

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