Who would ever want to be mean to sweet country singer Taylor Swift? Well, apparently even big stars have had their brush-ins with "frenemies" straight out of Mean Girls.


"I had a group of friends when I was about 12. [Then] they all just decided they didn’t wanna hang out with me anymore," she tells Katie Couric during CBS’s All-Access Grammy Special, airing Feb. 4.


It got even worse for Taylor: "I would go and sit down at the lunch table with my friends. And they would get up and move their trays to another table. Had [they] kept me in their group, and I had been the most popular girl in middle school, I would never have been inspired to write one song."


Good thing they were so dreadful to her then, because now the 19-year-old is enjoying a huge wave of success, including her newest hit record, Fearless. Bet some of those girls wouldn’t mind eating lunch with her now!


Watch a clip below:


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