She might star in scary movies, but Megan Fox confessed to OK! at today’s Toronto Film Festival press conference for her upcoming flick Jennifer’s Body, that she’s no fan of the thrillers.“I don’t watch a lot of horror movies because I’m a fraidy cat who’s afraid of the dark. They don’t really follow my lifestyle,” she explains. “But the last one I really sat through and watched — it’s so obvious, it’s like saying you like Led Zeppelin – but it was The Exorcist. That really f—-d me up when I was a little kid. That threw me off of watching horror movies.”

Megan’s most recent experience watching a horror flick, Darkness Falls,  had her running straight to her mother for comfort.

“It was really lame, but it scared me,” she confessed to OK!. “I slept with my mom for a week.”


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