Megan Fox looks different in person than she does in photos. She’s much shorter than 5’6” me, and her famous face is dotted with freckles.

“Girls are really powerful, and I think it’s been overlooked – the power in females has been overlooked,” the actress, 23, says during the Toronto International Film Festival of her movie Jennifer’s Body, which is out tomorrow. “It was awesome to feel beautiful and not in the sense that we have our hair extensions in, or that I have my [spray] tan on and need to be glowing all the time. Real is beautiful. You don’t have to look like an airbrushed Cosmopolitan cover all the time to be attractive. And I didn’t have to bend over a bike, which was nice.”

What does Megan think of her performance in the film that she dubs a sexy thriller with a wicked sense of humor?

“I think it’s good,” she admits. “I think I’m interesting.”

After admitting she hates horror movies and slept in her mom’s bed for a week after she saw Darkness Falls, the Tennessee-born temptress wants to assure potential moviegoers that Jennifer’s Body is more about laughter.

“It’s a comedy with horror elements, but it’s not a frightening scary movie where you’re going to lose sleep over it,” she says.

The actress, who dates Brian Austin Green, 35, kisses costar Amanda Seyfried in the flick.

“It was weird — and uncomfortable,” Megan says.

Costar Johnny Simmons also locks lips with Megan. “She’s awesome. I wasn’t nervous. I was antsy. I was ready to get it going. Her and Amanda are both awesome kissers.”

Aside from being a smoldering beauty, Megan has a soft side, costar Josh Emerson tells me.

“She plays this character in the film who is very rough and tough, but she’s sweet. One of the techs had brought his newborn on set, and she was so like ‘oh my God!’ all over him and wanting to take pictures, and really sweet with him. I thought that was really cool. She has a very nurturing nature.”

What were director Karyn Kusama’s impressions of Megan?

“I think she has a tremendous burden on her shoulders of being looked at all the time,” she tells me. “I hope that it’s all going to be kind to her.”

Could she take on Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie for the role of Barbarella?

“I think Megan is enormously, enormously talented. In the same way that I’m sure Angelina found directors who really took her under their wing and really nurtured her talent, it’s all about Megan working with those kinds of people. Roles like this one help people understand that she’s got the goods.”

Writer-producer Diablo Cody calls her “fearless.”


“I’m not afraid to fail,”  Megan explains.

Catch Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody in Jennifer’s Body, in theaters tomorrow. And pick up the OK! on newsstands now for more coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival.  The cover line is Twilight/“Wedding of the Year.”

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