You Web users think Megan Fox is going to be the sexiest person in movies next year, according to an online poll.

Both boys and girls agree that the Transformers star is going to be the hottest actor in 2009 — but they aren’t on the same page when it comes to others celebs.

When movie site Fandango asked 2000 users about who they think will be making them swoon next year, girls said Jennifer Aniston was going to be ’09’s hottest star.


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But guys put her way down in eighth place.

They weren’t together on the guys either. Girls made Twilight’s Robert Pattinson their number two guys, but guys didn’t even put the Brit in their list of hot boys.

Bad news for George Clooney, though, who made number five on the guys list of men – but surprisingly didn’t make it onto the woman’s list at all.

ScarJo’s new hubby Ryan Reynolds was similarly unloved by online girls. He was named number eight on the guy’s list, but didn’t make a dent on girls’ top ten.

Normally a favorite with her fellow ladies, Scarlett herself only made sixth in their list of actresses, but was third for among male voters.


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