When Mel B. begins hosting Dance Your A** Off, which starts tonight, the Spice Girl, 35, will dole out diet tips to the contestants seeking “thinspiration.”

“I think one of the most important things is no matter how healthy your food is, it has to taste good — whether you marinate that fish or chicken overnight, whether you slow-bake it, whether you put your chicken and vegetables in a crock pot and let it simmer,” she tells me. “You have to take time out and nurture your food and make it taste good because eating food is a big part of the day for everyone. It’s social.”

Counting calories is a tactic Mel used when she had daughter Angel, now 3, so that she could “drop weight in a healthy way.”

“I don’t do that much because I have a pretty good gauge as to what’s healthy and I have a pretty good gauge as to ‘OK, I’m full now.’ I try not to overeat. But I think it’s great to know how many calories this has, or that has. I think it’s unhealthy when you start getting completely obsessed about it, but I think a healthy knowledge of it is a great idea.”

The married mom of two encourages dieters to soak up all the information they can.

“Doing my show, Dance Your A** Off, one of my contestants had never eaten broccoli before. One of my contestants didn’t even know what a calorie count was. Educate yourself. Power is knowledge, and there’s no harm in getting more knowledge in anything.”

Catch Dance Your A** Off on Oxygen tonight at 10/9c. And, pick up the OK! on newsstands now to get Mel B.’s What I Ate Today diet. The cover line is William and Kate/“A Wedding Just Like Diana’s!”

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