Lord knows it ain’t fun to be alone during the holidays. In the ABC Family feature Holiday in Handcuffs, working waitress Trudie takes matters into her own hands when she kidnaps a wealthy businessman and drags him home for her family’s festivities. “She’s going through a quarter-life crisis,” jokes Melissa Joan Hart, who plays the title role. You can’t fault Trudie too much. The man she snatches is played by none other than Mario Lopez!

“He was great, really great,” says Melissa. While she doesn’t get to tango with Mario in the film, she did hit the ice with the former Dancing with the Stars stud. “I had to play hockey against him, and I did my own stunts,” she reveals. “I had a cold when I shot the scene and got all bruised up, but I think I could have kicked his ass.”

Melissa doesn’t have to worry about being alone this holiday season. Not only is she married to musician Mark Wilkerson, the couple is expecting baby no. two next March. Melissa’s also planning to host this year’s Christmas dinner at their home. “I have to make enough for 16 people, and I don’t make it any other time of the year,” she says. “I’m already planning the menu which is intimidating.” Luckily, Mark is on hand to lend a helping one. “When it comes to the baby, he does everything from the cooking to bath time, to putting Mason down for nap. That is so priceless to me,” Melissa says.

What more could you want under the Christmas tree? Holiday in Handcuffs airs Sunday, Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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