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Melissa Joan Hart Hopes For Irish Twins

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Jul. 9 2010, Updated 12:00 p.m. ET

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As she copes with the “terrible twos” and “ferocious fours,” Melissa Joan Hart reveals she’s ready for more kids – perhaps in quick succession.

The 34-year-old actress will star with Joey Lawrence in ABC Family’s upcoming comedy series Melissa & Joey, and is mom to sons Mason, 4, and Brady, 2, whose dad is hubby Mark Wilkerson, 33.

“Oh yes,” she swoons during Boom Boom Room’s Baby Issue gift lounge.  “Don’t tell him that, but yeah. Maybe we’ll have some Irish twins.”

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Although she has two boys, a girl would be an exciting possibility.

“I would love to have a girl, but after being a ‘boy’ mom, I’m fine, give me all the boys you want,” she tells me. “They’re so sweet and they love their mommy. They only thing is, they always run off with their wives. When they get married, they always leave you, they go off with their wives. I would like to have a girl because then at least she’ll stick around -- maybe, hopefully.”

What are their latest milestones?

“Mason is trying to write his name and numbers,” she says. “And then Brady has recently become a little demon. He hit two years old. He’s very stubborn. He makes these little faces. He’ll take his favorite toy and throw it on the floor, and make a face at you like he knows what he did, and ‘you’d better straighten up now, mom.’ You should see these little faces he makes, but at the same time, it’s like ‘oh, you’re evil.’”

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She laughs.

Dealing with Brady’s “terrible twos” is just the beginning.

“You ride it out,” she says. “I’ll have to wait a year or two. And then, I hear it’s the ‘ferocious fours.’ That’s the ‘I’m going to wear this, and only this. For a week straight, I’m going to wear my Superman shirt.’ That devilish, sneaky … he’s starting to learn how to lie.”

Thanks to Mason, she’s getting a sampling of her parental future.

“I’ll be like ‘did you wash your hands?’ when he leaves the bathroom, and he’ll go ‘yeah.’ Then, we’re like ‘well, let me smell your hands.’ And he’s like ‘no.’ When he goes into a bathroom that doesn’t even have a sink, he’ll go ‘yeah, I washed my hands, I washed them in there.’ I’m like ‘no, you didn’t.’ We catch him in little white lies. Those are the things you have to nip in the bud before they become little terrors.”

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She keeps it together with a few mommy must-haves.

“Right now they need an iPod Touch because my oldest one loves music,” she says. “They both love movies and they both love to game on it. I can have them play games and whatnot. I can easily carry around one of those in my purse, and I can keep them entertained at restaurants or on an airplane. There’s so many tricks, and I try to have them all with me all the time, but that’s the one I keep close to me right now with their ages.”

For Melissa, de-stressing from mommy duties is as simple as sitting down for a manicure.

“I love to get my nails done,” she says. “Just sit in silence and veg out. But nails, for a mom, ever since I’ve had kids, getting my nails done is the biggest treat because being able to find the time to get away from the kids long enough to get your nails done, it’s the one thing you see the most on yourself, and I feel so much prettier and cleaner – even though nobody else notices my nails, I notice them all the time – and it makes me feel more taken care of.”

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now to read about Melissa as OK!’s Mom of The Week. The cover line is Jessica Simpson/“Confirmed: Finally, a Baby For Jess.”

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