When Donald Trump told Joan Rivers she was "hired" on Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice finale some said the fix was in from the very start. After all, Joan’s fellow finalist, poker player Annie Duke, had actually bested Joan during the final fund-raising challenge, so why shouldn’t she be the winner?

But Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter — who had been eliminated as a contestant earlier in the season — tells OK! there’s no way the outcome was anything but on the up-and-up.

"Oh God — it’s not fixed at all! "She told OK! at the launch of John DeLucie’s book, The Hunger, at the Waverly Inn in NYC. "Trust me."

And if you don’t believe Melissa — just ask her stomach.

"I think that my throwing up before going on [to be judged by Donald] proves that we didn’t know what was going on," she confesses. "It’s like when I watch my favorite teams during playoffs — I get a little queasy. I was eating a lot of Tums last night."

By Oliver Coleman

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