Fans of the original Melrose Place will be happy to know that some of those same familiar faces they loved to watch in the ’90s will be back on the new take on the show, as producer Todd Slavkin reveals that a few veteran cast members will be making guest appearances. “Josie Bissett is shooting today,” he revealed at a press conference in L.A.Laura Leighton is already going to be a special guest star on the show, reprising her role of Sydney, and as Josie played Sydney’s sister, Slavkin said, “it felt very organic” to include her on the new Melrose as well.

Also coming back in a cameo will be Daphne Zuniga, and perhaps Grant Show, Slavkin says, adding “Stuff is brewing.”

As for one of the most famous Melrose alums, Heather Locklear, Slavkin says “the door is always open.”

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