Before Angelina Jolie was changing the world, Mia Farrow was doing her part. A UNCIEF Goodwill Ambassador, the star has done extensive humanitarian work in Darfur over the years. Nowadays, the two do-gooders are often uttered in the same sentence when it comes to celebrity activism, which sits perfectly fine with Mia.

"I have nothing but admiration for Angelina Jolie," Mia tells OK! at the Be Kind Rewind premiere. "But by all accounts, she’s just a wonderful woman. I’ve never met her, but I love her work and I love what she’s doing with her life."

Mia also loves the way Angie and Brad Pitt conduct their relationship and take a stance for gay rights.

"I love when she was asked when she was going to get married, and she said ‘I’ll get married when everyone can marry.’ I just thought that was particularly eloquent."

Though she occupies her life with serious goodwill work, Mia went comedic with her latest movie. Be Kind Rewind, which hits theaters Friday, is a trippy Michel Gondry film about a Jerry (Jack Black) who accidentally destroys every tape in his friend Mike’s (Mos Def) video store when he tries to sabotage s a power plant that is melting his brain.

So what was it like working with the funny guy?

"Jack is wonderful. A great friend," Mia says. He had his baby [Sam, 20 months] right next door. He’s in love with his baby, he’s in love with his wife [Tanya Haden] and he’s a wonderful person to act with."

The 63-year-old actress plays Miss Falewicz, a loyal customer of the video store who helps Jerry and Mike recreate the store by re-filming classic movies — a process called "sweding." But if she had the chance to swede a movie, Mia admits she’d be unable to choose a film.

"I don’t know because you wouldn’t want to swede your favorite movie," she says. "You’d only want to swede the crappy ones."

By Valerie Nome

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