Adam Rodriguez and Eva La Rue know their way around Cuban cuisine. OK! met up with Adam and Eva in the Miami-inspired restaurant El Floridita in Hollywood, where they enjoyed some delicious food and salsa dance lessons!


What did you grow up eating?

Eva: From my dad, who is Puerto Rican, we had arroz con gandules [rice and peas] and pasteles [a type of tamale]. My mom made American fare.

Adam: I’m Cuban and Puerto Rican. We had traditional food like shredded beef with tomato base and ground beef with suateed peppers and onions on white rice.


Do you have a sweet tooth?

Eva: I’m a cookie fiend! They have chocolate chip cookies on set everyday at three o’clock; I can smell them coming out of the trailer.

Adam: when I go out to eat, it’s 90-percent guaranteed that I’ll have a dessert- anything chocolaty.


Do you have any favorite recipes?

Eva: I try to cook with fresh herbs. My daughter, Kaya, helped me plant an herb garden.

Adam: I’ve got onions and garlic in everything. 

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