Michael Emerson may have just won an Emmy for portraying villain Ben Linus on Lost, but he’s already turning his attention elsewhere — to the very popular, vampire-infested True Blood.
Michael’s wife, Carrie Preston, stars as Arlene Fowler on the popular HBO show, and she also guest-starred as Michael’s mother in a Lost flashback.

“I think it would be fun if I got to play her father,” Michael told Extra last night of making an appearance on his wife’s show. “I would go on any Alan Ball show to do just about anything. I will be the face in the window, I will be the cab driver… I don’t want to be a vampire.”

Carrie’s also a fan of the idea, adding, “I think you should be a shape shifter or something.”

“I think I should just be a funny human,” replied Michael.

And although Michael won his Emmy playing a bad guy, his wife thinks he should shift gears.

“Maybe he should not be a bad character at all… maybe he should be a good guy.”

“Perhaps I could be bitten in a strange place,” teased Michael, to which Carrie replied, laughing, “That’s for later!”

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