Michael Jackson has been fond of wearing face masks when he’s out in public for the the past decade or so, but now those masks are reportedly covering a spreading skin infection.


Britain’s The Sun newspaper reports that the singer is being treated with antibiotics to treat a painful skin inflammation, said to be a severe staph infection.


The paper also indicates that the infection could turn into a flesh-eating disorder, which would require him to get reconstructive surgery wherever he loses skin.


“Michael Jackson has a severe staph infection that he contracted during work to reconstruct his nose. The disease is an MRSA-style infection because it is resistant to conventional antibiotics, so he has been visiting a clinic to get antibiotics via an IV drip. The infection has spread throughout his face and body and is being aggressively treated by doctors," the paper quotes a sources as saying.


“There’s a chance it could turn into a flesh-eating disorder where it begins to kill off his skin so he’s being very carefully monitored.”

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