It’s been seven years since Michael Jackson’s death and his children continue to struggle with his absence.

A source told OK! Magazine that Michael’s two oldest children Prince and Paris have been butting heads over how they are spending their Father’s fortune.

Prince, 19, has chosen to spend his $8 million yearly allowance among charities, family and friends. An insider revealed, “He bought his aunt LaToya a Porsche for her birthday, and he funded his cousin Taj’s movie. He’s taken the idea of carrying on Michael’s legacy of generosity to heart.”

But Paris is spending her dollars differently. The 18-year-old has been covering her body with tattoos, 23 and counting. “My scars and past self-hatred have been covered by loving marks,” Paris, who has struggled with cutting and addiction, explained in an Instagram post.

The insider said that Paris is worried her brother is giving away too much of his money, while Prince is baffled by her exhibitionism. “Those are just two of the issues they have butt heads over,” the source concluded.

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