When it comes to the doctors surrounding Michael Jackson who prescribed his painkillers, officials have been asking exactly who’s bad — who could have kept him supplied with medications that may have contributed to his death. Longtime dermatologist Dr. Arnie Klein says he’s not one of the bad ones, and decries those who gave him drugs like Dilaudid and Propofol.

“I always was concerned about him, I was always worried about other doctors,” he told Good Morning America today, adding that MJ got what he wanted. “Here’s the problem with Michael, no matter what he wanted, someone would give it to him.”

“Anyone who makes someone an addict or gives a person potentially dangerous substances, like Propofol, is a criminal,” he said as well.

He denied that he was one of five doctors supposedly named that prescribed dangerous drugs to the late King of Pop, saying, “I’m not one of the five doctors, I’ve not been examined by anyone. I’ve not been contacted by the police in Los Angeles.”

As for the persistent rumor that he is actually the biological father of  Michael’s kdis with Debbie Rowe, Prince Michael I and Paris Michael Katherine, Dr. Klein sort of denies paternity, proclaiming, “To the best of my knowledge, I’m not the father.”

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