Dr. Conrad Murray, the former doctor to Michael Jackson, will hear his sentence this morning in an L.A. courtroom. Three weeks ago the cardiologist was found guilty of one felony count of involuntary manslaughter. 

Although he could face up to four years in state prison, experts told MTV News it's unlikely he'll spend a lot of time, if any, in jail. After the verdict, criminal defense attorney Mike Cavalluzzi said it was too early to predict the amount of time the doctor will serve. Plus, he indicated the decision will be one of the toughest ones for the judge to make!
"[Pastor] will have to seriously consider all of the mitigating factors which would lean toward Dr. Murray not doing any jail time and all of the aggravating factors that would lead toward him going to state prison." 
Mike wasn't involved in the case but has represented clients who have faced felony charges. He added, "It seems to me, at first blush, that any jail time wouldn't be appropriate in this case given the fact that Dr. Murray has no criminal record and there truly was no malice, no intent to actually harm Michael Jackson at all. What he was really doing was succombing to the wishes of a patient, and unfortunately, that patient was not a person whose wishes should have been succombed to."

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