Michael Jackson‘s kids — Prince, Paris and Blanket — are too young to have seen (or remember seeing) their dad in Captain EO while it was on the big screen in 3-D, but now they’ve gotten their chance:  TMZ reports that the three kids were treated to a screening of the 17-minute flick at Disneyland with their uncle Jackie Jackson.

Source tell TMZ the kids and their uncle stopped by Disneyland last Thursday to see the movie — which stopped playing to audiences in 1998 — and “they loved” it.

Apparently the screening was possible because the usual movie, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, was closed briefly. Workers then moved in with a truckload of equipment to set up Captain EO for a “special executive presentation,” according to Disney blog, MiceAge.com.

Captain EO was a one-time showing only, it seems, as Honey is back up and running.

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