These days Michael Jackson fans are surely clamoring for anything and everything to do with the King of Pop, and now there’s one more tune they can listen to. EOnline reports that MJ recorded the Isley Brothers’ classic "Shout" in 2001, but it was never released.


The new twist on the old song was recorded at Sony Recording Studios and was co-written by the team of Cyph and Crystal.

"After the recording was done, we could see him dancing to the song," Cyph, who was introduced to the star by producer Teddy Riley, tells E! News. "He really was feeling that record, but, unfortunately, the record got rail roaded by politics within the album and the dispute between M.J. and Tommy [Mottola], so it got released as a maxi single to R. Kelly’s ‘Cry.’ No one’s heard ‘Shout’ in the U.S."



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