All of the American Idol finalists change their look over the course of the competition, but the newest look belongs to Michael Johns, who is growing a mustache these days.

“I’m bringing it back,” the singer tells OK! of his look. “What the ascot didn’t do for me I’m sure the ‘stache will. I just go with the flow and the flow said ‘grow a mustache,’ so I did.”

Not everyone loves it though. “I think you look better without it,” Kristy Lee Cook tells him. “You look like a serial killer.”

Idol big-wigs aren’t too fond of the look either.

“They’ve tried to get me to shave this but come on, it works,” Michael says. “I grabbed the new cover of Rolling Stone and Chris Martin’s got a ‘stache. I’m like ‘if it’s working for Coldplay…”

Check out Michael and his ‘stache in all ilts glory on the American Idols Live! Tour, kicking off July 1, this summer.

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