Michael Lohan, the formerly jailed father of two famous daughters, Lindsay and Ali, says he understands the strife the Spears family, with one pregnant daughter and one in the throes of a downward personal and professional spiral, is going through.

"People just don’t realize what it’s like to live under the whirlwind that families like mine and the Spears and other families out there are caught up in," Michael tells TV’s Extra. "It takes a lot to hold it together."


"Stand together," he advises the Spears family, "stand by each other and don’t let anyone come between you."


As for the rumors that newly single Lindsay’s man du jour is none other than Entourage star Adrian Grenier, who’s been linked to Lindsay’s frenemy Paris Hilton in the past, Michael said, "He’s a friend. She went over there for dinner one night over the holidays for an hour or so. They drank water and she went home."


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