Say what you will about Michael Lohan — and there’s a lot to say — but you have to appreciate his tenacity in trying to reach out to estranged daughter Lindsay… and getting his name in the press while he’s at it. For his latest attempt, to resolve a private issue in the most public way possible, MiLo has enlisted Maury Povich‘s help, taping an interview yesterday for a future episode.

“Lindsay, I love you with all my heart and I don’t care if it’s the death of me,” Michael pleads to his daughter through the Maury cameras. “I’m not going to bury you, you’re gonna bury me before this is over. I’m gonna do anything and everything I have to to save your life, whether mom likes it, the public likes it, or anyone. I’m going to take all the steps I can to help you cuz I want you to have your life back. I’m not going to see you destroy yourself anymore. People grope at you when you’re not in the right state of mind. You’re my daughter honey, and I can’t do this. I can’t do it anymore. I’m just not gonna see you fall.”

Give us a second while we wipe the tears from our eyes.

Papa Michael recalls being shocked seeing his daughter immediately after her L.A.-area home was robbed. “There’s nothing left in her,” he says. “I was out in L.A. with her about three weeks ago when she got robbed. She called me up at 3:30 in the morning. She said, ‘Daddy, come out here.’ I flew out and got her out of the house. She was in an apartment, in a hotel actually, when I just, I couldn’t even look at her. I had to go outside and cry and when I hugged her, it’s just a hollow, hollow person.”

Takes one to know one?

The good dad goes on to express concern for his other daughter, 15-year-old Ali. “At the beginning, I believed that Ali was a saving grace in Lindsay’s life because Lindsay wouldn’t party around Ali,” he explains. “She wouldn’t do this, she wouldn’t do that, and they leaned on each other and Ali is a very mature young lady. However, when she’s in these clubs and she’s around this kind of an element, I begin to worry and wonder too.”

Maybe he’s saving that intervention for an episode of Dr. Phil?

Showing his turn-the-other-cheek side, Michael apologizes for comments he made about Lindsay’s on-off-on-off girlfriend Samantha Ronson early on in their relationship. “At the beginning, I was getting fed information that Samantha was a bad, a bad, you know, she was bad for Lindsay’s life and I believed some of the things that were said to me because they were coming from people in my family and close to me,” he admits. “I’m wrong. Samantha, I apologize 100%… I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. Samantha was actually helping, she wanted Lindsay to get away from all the negative things that she was doing.”

There’s no air date yet for this very, very special episode of Maury, so just set your DVRs now to tape every single episode until it airs! This is don’t-miss TV…

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