At 49, Michelle Pfeiffer remains one of Hollywood’s ageless beauties. But her gorgeous looks won’t be found on screen this weekend when her new film Stardust opens. The actress plays a grotesque evil witch in the fantasy fairytale and reveals that getting ugly requires far more effort than getting pretty does.’Nothing makes it easy to endure that makeup,’ Michelle tells ‘I mean, it’s not makeup; it’s rubber that’s glued to your face. Just miserable. If it was a ton of cream and shadows that might be a little bit more comfortable. I loved the whole idea of doing it. I was really looking forward to designing that, but the actual reality of having all that stuff glued to your skin is pretty unpleasant.’The makeup and costuming don’t end there. To emphasize her character Lamia’s old age, Michelle wore specially made saggy breasts.’I even had breasts that had mechanisms that could make them droop,’ she says. ‘It was a shock in the beginning. Talk about special effects! To be honest, it was upsetting, but I got over it pretty quickly.’In the film, Lamia is on the quest for eternal youth ? found in the heart of a star ? a pursuit Michelle and most of Hollywood is familiar with. The three-time Oscar nominee says she had no qualms about taking the part as she saw it as a way of ‘poking fun at searching for eternal youth and the lengths to which women will go to get it and the sort of desperate need to hold onto it.’And would she want eternal youth herself?’For free? No price? Sure?why not? As long as I didn’t have to eat the heart of a star.’For the complete interview, visit Joyce EngPhoto:

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