When Michelle Williams chats with Ellen DeGeneres her show tomorrow, the My Week With Marilyn star indicates she wasn't exactly the best student and tried to talk herself out of the role because "it was just so daunting."


According to JustJared, Michelle points out, “As soon as I said yes [to the role], I spent the next six months trying to talk myself out of it because it was just so daunting. I was never really a very good student. I didn’t go to school for a terribly long time. I think I’m making up for it now. I worked so hard. I read all the books. I watched the movies. I was obsessed with her. I woke up with her every morning and I went to bed with her every night, in a way.”


Switching gears, the 31 year-old star also talks on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about names for daughter Matilda's new puppy, Lucky. "[Matilda's] first ideas were…they sounded like stripper names. She wanted something like, Crystal, Gem, or Diamond."


Michelle adds," At first I was going to be a controlling mom because I was like we can’t have a dog named [that]. Then I was like, you know what, let her have it but then she finally settled on Lucky – which made me feel very lucky.”


My Week With Marilyn opens nationwide on November 23.

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