It’s got to be nice to be back in the spotlight after all that time in the shadows!


Mickey Rourke, who was once used to having beautiful actresses competing for his attention, is taking advantage of his Golden Globe win to hang out with Hollywood’s younger set.


First the actor, 52, who picked up the award for his career-reviving role in The Wrestler,

grabbed a hug from Natalie Portman, 27, at the Chateau Marmont, on Jan. 10.


Next he accosted The Crow actress Bai Ling, 38. The pair “made out and partied pretty hard,” reports the New York Post.


Meanwhile, he and co-star Evan Rachel Wood, 21, “were very flirty” at Tao in Las Vegas in November, says an insider (which seems just a little creepy, since Evan and Mickey played father and daughter  in the film).


But sadly for them all, Mickey’s heart is already taken — by his Chihuahua, Loki, 17.


"She’s the one I love the most in this life," Mickey has said.

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