Mike Meyers wants to publically apologize to all high-heel wearing women everywhere.

"To all the gals I want to say, ‘How do you do it?’", the actor says.  "I did a comedy routine last night with Heidi Klum where I put on her eight inch heels and my calves are killing me!  She had these things on and she said, ‘Ow, my feet hurt,’ and I said, ‘Oh they can’t hurt that much.’ They hurt that much."

Meyers is hot on the trail of promoting his new film The Love Guru, which c0-stars Jessica Alba, Vern Troyer and Justin Timberlake whose role as Jacques Grande is unforgettable–to say the least.

"I’m man enough to admit that I have a man crush," Meyers says of Timberlake.  "But I put it to the table, would you not have a man crush on Justin Timberlake? He’s got zero percent body fat, he is the nicest dude you’ll ever meet, he does his homework.  I send him the script and he gave me back five pages of notes–all of which made it better than what was written."

Not that he’s playing favorites.  The master mind behind the characters Austin Powers, Wayne’s World and Dr. Evil (to name a few) also wants to make it clear he’s a big fan of his female co-star in the film.

"She [Jessica Alba] is unbelievably talented, a great comedian, down-to-earth, lovely, lovely, lovely," he says.  "Honestly, when she would come on set, people would audibly gasp at how beautiful she is.  She would come on set ‘Hey everybody,’ and it would be, ‘Ahhh!’"


Meyers continues, "There’s a great parable…If you bring the enthusiasm and hire very, very smart people, you can make a beautiful soup.  That’s what working with people like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba and Vern Troyer brings."


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