One couple who definitely won’t be seeking out The Love Guru‘s advice is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

"I don’t need to give them love advice," the guru himself, Mike Myers, tells OK! at the film’s premiere. "They’re unbelievably lovable and much loved."

The funnyman isn’t the only one who thinks so. Justin’s partner-in-crime Trace Ayala gives the couple’s yearlong relationship the seal of approval as well.

"They are awesome," he tells OK!. "She’s the best."

Although the saying goes that "opposite attracts," that’s not the case with J&J. The two work well together because they’re "very, very similiar," Trace says.

So can we expect wedding bells soon?

"I hope so, to be honest," Trace says. "They’re awesome together. He’s happy, man. He’s so happy."

By David Lasky

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