Mike Myers is known for his unusual and sometimes irreverant comic roles (Think Shrek, Fat Bastard and Austin Powers) Now in his latest film, The Love Guru, the actor plays Guru Pitka, a man who tries to break into the self-help business.

It’s a role that has been criticized by some members of the Hindu community, who reportedly feel the film ridicules Hindu principles. Meyers says that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

"I nibble on things in comedy, but I never bite with my teeth and I never break the skin," He tells OK!. "Having said this, I only travel with respect for all cultures. I love it. I love how things are done."

When it comes to his own spirituality, Mike is a self-proclaimed "culture vulture."

"I grew up in a house of culture vultures," he tells OK!. "I come as a fan of James Bond, I come as a fan of Bollywood. Those movies — with the colors, pageantry, and joy — I feel like I already made a Bollywood movie called Austin Powers. I feel I owe as much to Bollywood for Austin Powers as I do James Bond."

Much of Myers’ fascination with accents comes from growing up with two parents who had strong Liverpool accents.

"We were constantly going ‘really? The word squirrel you pronounce squirrel? And the word cookbook you pronounce cookbook?’ (says the words in different accents) When you are attuned to how people talk, it’s just like ‘wow.’"

Perhaps his love for culturally rich characters can be attributed to his Canadian upbringing, a nation determinedly neutral on practically every matter.

"Canada’s a strange place," he says. "It’s a land without it’s own cuisine, or an idigenous instrument. We don’t have a mission statement or pledge of allegience. Our motto is good government, you know what I mean?"

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