Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have new couple friends and they are a completely unlikely match. The cute pair was spotted in London with this royal and her boyfriend last month in London, and over the weekend they were photographed all together in highly chichi Saint-Tropez, France. Who have they been hanging around with?

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Princess Beatrice of York! The first cousin of Princes William and Harry and soon-to-be aunt to the royal baby was spotted on the beach and on a yacht with Mila and Ashton, along with her own boyfriend. We Americans may best remember Beatrice at the one with the wildest fascinator at the royal wedding two years ago.

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How did these two couples start hanging out? Beatrice is only 24, while Mila and Ashton are 29 and 35, respectively. They can't have too much in common. Perhaps they're doing research for a role! Yes, that's all I got. See the pic of them together here.

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